What copper countertops cleaned?

Copper countertops are attractive and durable and give your kitchen a warm look, while protecting the plates under cabinet’s kitchen. A countertop can even make a kitchen girl look more like large. But like other countertops, copper attracts dust, grease and dirt. Copper is important to clean regularly to prevent darken and change color.


Use a solution of mild soap, 1/2 cup of dishwasher detergent and 2 cups of warm water and a soft cloth or clean rag copper countertops. When you clean, do it gently and then rinse the cloth or rag with warm water from a sink. Drain the excess and clean the countertop to remove residue from the soap solution. Dry fine copper countertop with a cloth or clean, dry cloth.

Cleaners to Avoid

Do not use an abrasive sponge or pad to clean the countertop copper (these objects leave scratches on copper). And do not use an abrasive cleaner, a cleaning solution or acetone to remove dirt from the top. These chemical finishing copper tear.


When copper comes into contact with acid or the external elements, a green substance known as patina on copper surface appears. This oxidation process occurs over time, especially if you splash her acid or a substance containing acid on the counter. If you want to remove the patina, salt and then with lemon slices. The salt and lemon counteract the patina and broken. Then complete the steps in the section “Cleaning”. You can also apply ketchup in copper, gently rub the patina and then rinse well. Perform these steps every month to remove the patina.

Copper seal

To protect your copper countertops and keep your finish looking new, apply two to three coats of paint that you can find at a hardware or home improvement stores. The paint will dry and will have a clear appearance and help prevent surface affects copper.

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