How to Paint Wooden File Cabinets with Latex Paint

Wooden file cabinets – The easiest and cheapest way to upgrade cabinets in the kitchen is with paint. In many cases, you can paint a set of kitchen cabinets for less than $ 200 often; old kitchen cabinets are brighter and clean after being painted. One problem that many owners have painted cabinets with brush marks are left behind. Only use the brush does not leave a good finish on the cabinets, but you can paint cabinets without brush marks, use all appropriate tools.

Directions for how to paint wooden file cabinets with latex paint without leaving brush marks

  1. Clean the cabinets with a degreaser and a sponge. Let the cabinets dry completely.
  2. Extend cloths on the floor under the cabinets. Cover countertops with resin and paper tape.
  3. Remove the cabinet doors. Unscrew the hinges of them with a screwdriver. Book doorknobs, hinges and screws. “Do not rush this step just to save a little time, “warns expert Ron Hazelton home improvements. He adds: “You will be much happier with the results when the entire cabinet is clean and the doors and freshly painted drawers.”
  4. Apply finish by sanding the wooden file cabinets with fine sandpaper. Wipe off dust with a damp cloth.
  5. Paint the cabinets and doors with high gloss latex paint. Pour a small amount of ink within an ink tray. Pass the foam roller in the paint. Use a foam paint roller to paint the closet doors. Use of a brush just to reach the corners of the cabinet. The foam roller eliminates the possibility of the paint strokes. Wait for the paint to dry and pass a second layer.

6. Wait for the paint to dry and harden before touching the wooden file cabinets. This usually takes about 24 hours, according to Hazelton. Now replace the doors, hinges and handles.

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