How to Laminate a Countertop Edges

Laminate countertop edges are an inexpensive way to update a kitchen. Materials for laminating are not expensive and you can even install them. The edges of the laminate countertops are installed in a similar way to the top, being cut with special tools that make the job relatively simple.

When the professional design speaks on “countertop edges”, they are referring specifically to their exposed sides and finished, not the edges that meet the wall. In most stands, these edges are not perfectly square, with angles of 90 degrees, and sharp angles can be dangerous, it would also be prone to chips and form loose teeth, giving the room an “institutional” look.


  1. Measure the countertop edges with a tape measure and write down the measurements with the pencil. Measure, mark and cut the tape rolled on the size needed for the project. Cut the laminate with a stylus, using the steel ruler as a guide.
  2. Support pieces of laminated tape on the work surface with the rear side facing up. Apply a thin layer of quota contact using the brush, rubber, and the pieces of tape on the edge of the bench. Wait for a while until the glue gets some consistency, when a piece of paper cannot settle to it. Climatic conditions affect the time needed for the preparation of the glue.
  3. Align the tape to the edge of the bench in the place where they should be, with the front side facing out. Place toothpicks involving the edge and also the tape until you have an alignment perfect. The toothpicks will allow them to move the tape to align it without it sticking to the edge. Remove them when the positioning is correct, pressing the tape; since it faces come into contact with glue, they will be permanently attached.
  4. Slide the rubber roller firmly pressing the tape against the edge of the bench.

5. Cut the remains of the upper and lower edges of the tape using the trimmer countertop edges, leaving clean joints.

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