How to cut porcelain tile that looks like wood

Have you decided who will renovate your bathroom and put a new porcelain tile that looks like wood? Sounds easy lay flooring and is also not difficult to apply the grout. But how to cut the necessary pieces in small areas or curved surfaces? In this article, we show how to cut ceramic tile or porcelain tile.


  1. Draw the plant floor in the graph to define where the parts will be settled role. After deciding the placement of porcelain tile, there will likely be some areas where the coating will need to be cut to fit right in place. The floor plan will help you know what and how many pieces need to be cut to fit the design.
  2. Find out which parts need to be cut and mark them for cutting.
  3. Take one of the pieces porcelain tile that looks like wood that require cutting. With a sharp styled make a risk along the surface of the coating and then with a notch cutter porcelain tile.
  4. Hold the piece with a bolt cutter and press for from pottery into two halves. If you do not have this tool, make an indentation in the surface of the coating. Then place the piece side up on two matchsticks seated in the slot. The edges of the porcelain tile press lightly with fingers on each side of the line to break the piece along it.
  5. If you need a pottery angled cut, make a notch on the surface and then trim the leftovers with the pliers until the desired angle.
  6. Sand the rough edges with a file. Always work in the opposite direction of the enamel not to damage it.

7. To make curved cuts in porcelain tile that looks like wood, make a model of the curve on a piece of cardboard. Draw the outline on the top surface of the piece, put it in a vice and close it to hold the porcelain tile. Use the saw to cut the desired shape and then pass the file to smooth any rough edges.

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