Floor Color That Blends with Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory kitchen cabinets – Hickory cabinets give your kitchen a warm and rustic feel that instantly makes it a space -friendly. However, choosing a color that matches the floor can sometimes be challenging. Depending on the style you prefer for your kitchen, you can choose different kinds of colors for the floor. Decide if you want hickory cabinets are the focal point of the room or around mixed with options to decrease.


If you have hickory kitchen cabinets, you can opt for a monochromatic style and use hickory floor to the cabinets and floor combined. However, using the same type of wood for the cabinets and the floor can create a strange impression as it seems that the floor levels the walls, which can make the space smaller. An alternative is to use floor wood similar in color and tone but different pattern so there is little difference between the cabinets and the floor. Maple, oak and cherry is attractive options.


A neutral color floor can be ideal to combine hickory kitchen cabinets and allowing the warm red, brown and gold semitones and strong vetoed hickory shine. The white ceramic, linoleum and vinyl tiles are a basic and attractive option and help give the space a luminosity and a cool atmosphere. However, if the target is too sterile for your kitchen, you can opt for a shade of cream or ivory tiles, which combine with the warm tones of the wood. You can also choose tan or brown tile floor if you find difficult to keep clean clear color.

Warm tones

If you prefer a bolder style for your kitchen, consider combining hickory kitchen cabinets with tile soft, rich colors. These colors enrich the wood color and give a warm and friendly impression. Try brown or brick colored tiles if you want a more powerful style. Terra-cotta tiles feature a softer style while providing enough to support the kitchen color. The golden yellow tiles can illuminate the golden tone of the cabinets to a light style.

Dark and contrast

Create a sharp contrast between the cabinets and the floor can also cause a dramatic style. A dark wood floor combined with hickory cabinets and both offer a casual and warm style. However, the difference in visual interest sum tone space. Consider wood in rich colors like mahogany, hickory and teak to soften the light tones in hickory kitchen cabinets. You can also choose tiles in shades of shadows to add a stylish look to the kitchen.

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