DIY: The Liquor Cabinets and Bar

A bar and liquor cabinets increase the aesthetic appeal of any home, besides being a convenient location for visitors and store your drinks. While it is easy to find bars and cabinets already ready drinks, make these items at home allows you to create your own design.

Dimensions required

Measure the space where will your bar and liquor cabinets. Ensure that this area is able to store all your drinks, with space for your visitors to relax. While your bar can be any size, ensuring that it is large enough that you do not need to expand it later.


You can build your bar and liquor cabinets in various ways, depending on available space and your needs. A simple straight bar may be enough if you just plan to store drinks and drinks and do not store beer or wine. If you want a full bar in your home, consider building it L-shaped, to leave room for a fridge and a wine cellar. The L-shape is also useful if you plan to install a sink to wash the cups.


Include the lighting when designing your bar. You want to create a warm and casual so that your guests can enjoy a beer or cocktail space, but you also need enough time to read labels and measure light drinks. A light in the ceiling connected to a dimmer is a great choice for the bar area. The backlight is also a good idea, since it provides enough light for the host without further illuminate the area for guests.


Choose your materials according to the use they plan to give the bar and liquor cabinets. If you want to be able to move it, consider building a bar with bamboo. For a more sophisticated look, choose woods such as oak or walnut, which are much heavier, but are more resistant. If you do not want to worry about stains, use slabs of granite or marble like finish. These surfaces resist stains and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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