Advantages and Disadvantages of Lateral Wood Filing Cabinet

Equipment and office furniture are a significant expense for just about any business, and care should be consumed in the selection of durable and functional pieces. Good lateral wood filing cabinet with are essential for any office that handles a large number of files.

Some models of cabinets filing may not have the lock and you may want to add one for safety. Fortunately this is a quick and easy process. Be aware that no lock is unwavering, and many important papers should be stored in bank vaults or safes fireproof. But for simple storage and security, put a lock on a closet can be enough for less important documents.


In a lateral wood filing cabinet, files are side by side along the length of the drawer. This makes it easier to store large number of files and facilitates the quick location of documents required, making these perfect for a high turnover of cabinets. The width of the upper surface can be used for additional storage. The cabinets come in a variety of sizes – models between two five drawers are available in 81, 91 and 106 cm in length – so you can choose what best fits your needs. Two drawer cabinets are perfect next to your desk, for extending your workspace considerably.


Lateral wood filing cabinet can be tricky to use. Regular cabinets file folders have turned out, but with lateral files, an individual must review the files of hand, which may mean keeping a very strange posture. Furthermore, side file are bulky and difficult to transport, especially when full of papers. They can also be very expensive and have large amounts of space.

Taking his decision

The first consideration in choosing a file system is to determine what best suits their business needs. Whatever your decision, make sure that the wood filing cabinet is sturdy and well made. The best cabinets for filing, including side cabinets are made of metal or wood and last for years.

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